News releases

[WC300] 중기청, 티노스 등 ‘월드클래스300’ 업체 50개사 선정 – 이데일리 2016. 06. 10
– Selected as a ‘WORLD CLASS 300 COMPANIES’ by SMBA(Small and Medium Business Administration).

매출 1천억원 돌파 – 2015. 12. 31
– Reached $100 million dollar in annual revenue.

[제52회 무역의날] 7천만불 수상 업체 – 주간무역 2015. 12. 05
– Awarded the ’70 MILLION DOLLAR EXPORT TOWER’ by KITA(Korea International Trade Association).

[지식재산 경영인 대상] 특허청장상 수상 – 전자신문 2015. 11. 03
– Awarded the ‘COMMISSIONER’s COMMENDATION’ by KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office).

[2015 대한민국 ICT 이노베이션 대상] 미래창조과학부 장관 표창 – 전자신문 2015. 10. 29
– Awarded the ‘MINISTER’S COMMENDATION’ by MSIP(Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planing).

Auto Parts Holdings Sdn Bhd (‘APH’) entered into a Joint Venture Agreement (‘JVA’) with Tinnos Asia Sdn Bhd.
– Carry on the business of developing, manufacturing and supplying automotive In-vehicle Infotainment (‘IVI’) systems and Internet of Things (‘IoT’) products to the Original Equipment Market and Replacement Equipment Market in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.

제12회 자동차의 날, 대통령 표창 – 아주경제 2015. 05. 12
– Awarded the ‘PRESIDENT’S COMMENDATION’ by MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy), KAMA.

Best Multimedia in the Brazilian Market in Quatro Rodas – Feb. 2015
– Hyundai bluNAV made by tinnos was selected the best multimedia in the Brazilian market by Quatro Rodas.
– #1 Hyundai, #2 Nissan, #3 Ford, #4 Fiat, #5 Peugeot.

한국을 빛낸 이달의 무역인 – 한국경제 2015. 02. 01
– Awarded the ‘BEST TRADER OF THE MONTH’ by Korean Government.

9th Generation Sonata in China – Jan. 2015
– World 1st commercial wireless smartphone mirroring supported AVN made by tinnos.